Web Enabling Products without existing Ethernet

For products without an existing network connection, there are a number of low cost ways to web enable your product. If you are looking to have web access to your device directly without a personal computer, you can use an inexpensive embedded system with an Ethernet connection to provide the Ethernet and web capabilities. We often use the systems from Netburner.com which are low cost, with powerful libraries that make development very quick. If you don't have the resources to program embedded systems, contact us and we can do it for you. Netburner has a number of platforms, both for systems with existing serial communications, and ones with no digital communications at all. These platforms are quite powerful, so other features, in addition to web enabling, can be added to your product. Please contact us and we can help you determine the best platform to use and to discuss the possibilities.

If your device works with software running on a personal computer, or you want local display as well as browser based display, then we can help you integrate DAQConnect support into this software. Pushing data to the DAQConnect servers is as simple as opening a socket and sending some text, and we offer libraries for various platforms to make this a snap. If you don't have any existing software available, we even have software partners that can help you.

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