Your Customer's Experience:

Typically, OEM customers will provide their customers with a prebuilt application in DAQConnect to get started. Their customer's experience is therefore very streamlined and simple, allowing them to get access to their new product from the Internet rapidly and with little effort. A typical customer experience might go something like this, but of course can be customized for your particular needs:

  1. The customer plugs your device into their LAN and powers it up. The device gets an IP address automatically from the local router and immediately attempts to contact the DAQConnect servers, telling them its available. Your devices will ship with a unique ID (usually the MAC address) that identifies the device on the DAQConnect servers.
  2. The customer goes to your DAQConnect website address. The customer is presented with a login/signup screen.
  3. The customer clicks on the new customer link. A new page appears that asks for the customers email address and a password. They will also be asked for a ID from their device, which would be printed on a label on the device itself. This would tie the device to their account.
  4. Once they had completed this simple signup, they would go to the main DAQConnect screen where a custom application would be running receiving data from the device they just purchased. The custom application was created by you (perhaps with our help) using the standard DAQConnect drag and drop controls. There is no HTML or other web coding necessary to create your custom application.

There are a number of ways this experience can be tweaked for your particular product. If your product is often used in quantity, then there would be ways once an account is created to add additional devices. If your product is often used by customers that would want custom web applications, your customers would be allowed to upgrade their account to a regular DAQConnect account. They could use the initial application as a template and starting point for creating their own custom screens specific for their particular application.

For truly horizontal devices such as DAQ devices and PLC's, your OEM account can even be setup to provide a slimmed down, but upgradable full DAQConnect service to your customers. Customers would be still be presented with a initial application so they can see their data right out-of-the-box, but could then immediately start customizing their DAQConnect application using our drag and drop controls.

Really, the options are endless. The DAQConnect platform is flexible enough to allow us to package it in any way that suits your needs, allowing you to web enable your products with little effort, while offering powerful tools and extra value to your customers.

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