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Every application has different needs and DAQConnect supports multiple ways of getting your data onto the Internet:

Data Acquisition or SCADA software to DAQConnect and the Internet:

Data is collected from your data acquisition hardware or PLC's by your favorite data acquisition or SCADA software and sent to the DAQConnect servers using secure HTTPs communications. Because the data is sent out, not in, and using the standard HTTPs protocol, no firewall changes are required, nor is any outside access to your local network.

Modbus devices to DAQConnect and the Internet (without a PC!):

The DAQBridge is a standalone black box that collects data from multiple Modbus TCP or RTU devices over Ethernet, RS-232 or RS-485 and sends it to the DAQConnect servers. The unit is completely stand-alone, no PC is required. The DAQBridge is a 4" x 3.25" x 1" and uses only 6 watts. Modbus directly to the web!

DAQConnect integrated devices to DAQConnect and the Internet:

The ability to send data to DAQConnect can be integrated into any embedded device, including PLC's, RTU's, Ethernet DAQ devices and more. These devices are immediately web enabled, and their data viewed from anywhere from a browser without any firewall changes and without the extra load on the device an integrated web server would impose. The DAQConnect protocol is simple, and can easily be implemented on any processor that can open a TCP socket.

OPC to DAQConnect and the Internet:

If your PLC's and RTU's are already connected to OPC servers, you can use the DAQConnect enabled Quick Client, free with any DAQConnect subscription, to collect data from your OPC server and send it to DAQConnect where it can be viewed from anywhere on screens you design. All this is done without any firewall changes or static IPs, so your internal SCADA system and OPC servers remain secure.

Custom software / web application to DAQConnect and the Internet:

DAQConnect uses a simple RESTful or JSON API for sending data to its servers. This makes it a snap for anyone creating their own applications to send data to DAQConnect. All you need to be able to do is create a socket to a server, or do a simple HTTP request. Most higher level languages make this easy, so getting data from your applications to the Internet and custom designable dynamic screens is a breeze. If you are using a lower level language like C++, we have a DLL you can link to that does all the work for you. In addition, you can embed the screens you create in DAQConnect inside your own web site or web app, allowing your app to have a custom look even though the dynamic screens are powered by DAQConnect.

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