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The DAQConnect core platform is very flexible and can be packaged in any way that suits your companies needs and for little cost. Our pricing is designed to make the decision of whether to partner with us or try and do it yourself an easy one. DAQConnect is typically billed using monthly metered pricing:

$100 for a server instance
$0.50 per tag
$0.50 per 100,000 historical data points stored

No Commitments

DAQConnect has no commitments, cancel anytime. You can use it for 10 years, or sign up for a month and decide its not for you. We've even had customers who paused their service during a downturn in their business.

Server Instance:

Each of our customers gets their own server instance. This instance holds all your accounts. It can be branded with your own logo, and custom html pages. As the site administrator, you can add, edit, and remove accounts, manage templates and databases and more.


A tag is an input value received from your data source. This would be, for example, a temperature reading, or a power reading. The same temperature reading over time creates historical, but is still considered one tag. So if you are a manufacturer of boilers and want your customers to view just temperature and pressure from each boiler, that would be two tags per boiler. If you had 3 customers, two with just 1 boiler, and one with 2 boilers, that would be 4 boilers at two tags each or eight total billed tags.

Historical Data:

The same input value (tag) sent over time creates historical readings for that tag. This allows you to view long term trending and download historical data. Pricing is based on the total number of historical readings across all tags across all your accounts. Tags are typically marked with a maximum historical stored, with the oldest points rolling out once filled. The billed historical is based on the actual historical stored, so on day 1 is typically quite small.

Continuing our boiler example, if temperature and pressure readings were sent up every minute, and the historical max for each tag was set to 525,000 (a year's worth at one minute), then after a year, there would be 4,200,000 historical data points stored on the server. At $0.50 per 100,000, this would be $21 / month

Alternative Pricing:

The above pricing was designed to allow for the most flexibility for our customers. However, if your business model does not fit well with the above pricing arrangement, please contact us. Our job is to help you achieve your business IoT goals.

DAQConnect Customization:

The DAQConnect platform allows you to create powerful real time data driven web apps without any HTML or web programming skills. Because of this, most, if not all of the customization of your DAQConnect application can be done by your company. However, we understand that often resources are simply not available, so we offer many custom development services to help you get going creating a professional web enabled product quickly. The easy-to-use DAQConnect backend is still powering your application, so even if we develop your entire application you can still make modifications down the road without having to call us every time.

Additional Costs:

MySQL replication of data is charged separately due to the extra storage requirements, but is also based on historical points stored in the replicated database. Contact for more information.

Email alerts for alarms is included in the general pricing. If, however, you would like to enable SMS or Text-to-Speech (voice) alerts, there is a small charge as we use a third party service for this. Contact us for more information.

Contact us for a demonstration and consultation