Branding and OEM

The DAQConnect OEM platform is a fully managed service that allows your customers remote access to your products and services over the Internet. Your customers can view current status, long term trending and if desired, even change settings or control their system. Setup for your customer is as simple as plugging your device into their network. There are no firewall or router changes, nor static IPs required.

DAQConnect can web enable your products quickly, for low cost, and with little or no change to the product itself. Custom screens can be created for your product using the dynamic drag and drop controls available with the DAQConnect platform with no programming. This means rapid development, low cost and the ability, if you desire, to create and manage the pages yourself without programmers. You can also optionally give your customerse the ability to create their own screens or extend existing ones. This is especially useful for products typically installed by integrators where a fully custom system is being deployed.

DAQConnect is unlike other solutions:

  • We are a fully hosted product, not a web server add on. Web server add-ons are everywhere but require your customer to perform difficult and unsecure firewall / router changes to allow access over the Internet. They also require complex web programming on your part to create the screens.
  • Screens in DAQConnect are fully customizable using dynamic drag / drop controls with no programming required
  • The DAQConnect platform runs in Javascript on the browser, and will run on any modern browser, including mobile devices such as the iPhone or Android, without any additional downloads. Other solutions are Java applets, Flash applications or ActiveX controls and as such require the customer to download and install a plug in. They also only run on platforms where the necessary plugin is available, and almost never mobile devices.
  • We are a software company and therefore do software exceptionally well. Since we don't make hardware, we aren't tied to any device
  • As a software company we can offer any sort of customization that you may require. The DAQConnect core makes this easier than creating apps from scratch which means much lower cost to you to create a unique, dynamic, custom web application.
  • Dynamic pages can be embedded inside of other web pages allowing for a variety of possibilities
  • Fully brandable

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