DAQBridge Modbus Gateway

Modbus direct to the Internet:

Get data from your Modbus devices into the Cloud without a PC. The DAQBridge is a 4.2" x 3.25" x 1" black box that only uses 6 watts of power. It collects data from your Modbus RTU and TCP devices over Ethernet, RS485 and RS232 and sends it to your DAQConnect account. Each DAQBridge can communicate with multiple devices. Use multiple DAQBridges if your devices are in multiple locations.
  • Read from multiple Modbus RTU & TCP devices on Ethernet, RS485, RS422 and RS232
  • Dual port serial: one configurable RS485 / RS422 / RS232 port and one RS232 port
  • 10/100BaseT with RJ-45 connector
  • Configure from a web browser
  • Poll different tags at different rates
  • Modbus queries are optimized for speed and efficiency
  • Local backup on optional SD card
  • Field updatable
  • Works with any GSM modem with an Ethernet jack
  • Low power: only 6 watts (7 - 30V)
  • Powered by 32-bit Freescale Coldfire 5272
  • Industral Operating Temperature: -40 to 85 C
  • Dimensions: 4.2" x 3.25" x 1"
  • Weight: 5 oz
  • UL and CUL approvals
  • RoHS Compliant
Using a "WiFi Bridge" device, you can connect a DAQBridge to an existing WiFi network. WiFi Bridge's are available from most electronic sources on the web.