IoT solutions for remote monitoring and SCADA systems

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The DAQBridge

Modbus to the Cloud:

Get your Modbus device data into the Cloud with our Modbus gateway.

Need an Internet connection? The DAQBridge connects easily with GSM modems such as the Sierra Wireless AirLink Raven XE.

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Drag and drop

Visualize your Data:

Visualize your data on the web using drag and drop controls.

JavaScript powered = Mobile device compatible.

Embed your dynamic screens on your home page like we have above!


Be in the know:

Create alarms to alert people when things go wrong by email, SMS or voice.

Notification groups allow different people to receive different alarms at different times.

Data download and MySQL

Retrieve your data:

Download your data in universal CSV format.

Query your data in replicated MySQL tables for advanced data mining.

Remote Control

Don't just watch:

Send commands to your remote system. Change setpoints.

Multiple security levels possible based on your needs.

Branding / OEM

Make it your own:

Use DAQConnect to get your devices or processes into the Cloud.

DAQConnect is fully brandable and easily extensible.

Flexible pricing models, standard plans, per unit pricing, or metered usage.